McDonald’s takes store concept to NXTGEN level

Louella Desiderio (The Philippine Star) – September 3, 2019 – 12:00am


McDonald's NxtGen
As the fastfood chain expands, it also expects to post double-digit growth in sales this year. AFP

MANILA, Philippines — McDonald’s Philippines is poised to close the year with over 100 NXTGEN stores in line with its aim to convert 70 percent of all stores into NXTGEN or outlets featuring self-serving kiosks and cashless payments by 2021.

As the fastfood chain expands, it also expects to post double-digit growth in sales this year.

“We will cross 100 this year (for NXTGEN stores),” McDonald’s Philippines managing director Margot Torres said in an interview. She said McDonald’s Philippines is opening NXTGEN stores to better serve customers.

“Customer experience is very important to us. Whatever we design, what new products we offer, how to improve delivery service, how to improve service from our crew and our managers, that includes also the whole service experience, the whole ordering. So, now, we’re really embracing the omnichannel mindset. Whether you are going to delivery through the app, through the website, through 86236 call or you go visit the store, go through the kiosk or drive-thru, you should have seamless experience about the brand,” she said.

In terms of total store count which covers both regular and NXTGEN stores, McDonald’s Philippines expects to have 670 outlets by yearend.

By 2021, Torres said McDonald’s Philippines would have over 700 stores.

With the expansion this year, she said McDonald’s Philippines sees sales posting double-digit growth.

The firm’s sales have been growing between 12 percent to 15 percent in the past years.

While McDonald’s Philippines’ operations faced challenges last year due to the imposition of higher excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages under the government’s tax reform program, and the high inflation rate, she said the company is on recovery mode this year.

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