Jollibee V-Day videos go viral

By Janvic Mateo (The Philippine Star) | Updated February 11, 2017 - 12:00am


MANILA, Philippines -  Fast food giant Jollibee began its Valentine campaign on Thursday with a viral video that left Filipino netizens in tears, although the love story had an ending many were not happy with.

Called “Vow,” the video features a bride walking down the aisle while a man – initially presumed to be her groom – reminisces how he felt she was “the one” for him from the first time he saw her.

“From that day onwards, I already know, you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. So to you I make this promise… that I will be the man for you. I want you to be the happiest girl of all,” he says in Filipino.

But as the bride reaches the altar, the two share a moment before the unexpected twist: he was not the one for her.

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“Even if we didn’t end up together, I will always be your best friend,” he says.

The video, the first of three in this year’s Mga Kwentong Jollibee series, immediately went viral as Filipino netizens reacted to the storyline.

“We did not expect that it will go viral that fast,” Jollibee brand communications and public relations director Arline Adeva told The STAR in a phone interview yesterday.

“It was our fastest advertisement to go viral,” she added.

The video, directed by Ianco de la Cruz, already had over eight million views on Facebook as of yesterday afternoon.

Asked why they selected the story, Adeva said the objective of their campaign is to celebrate all forms of love.

“Love has many languages… Friendship is still a very good foundation of love that is worth celebrating,” she said.

Hours after the release of Vow, the fast food giant released the second video, titled “Crush.”

Directed by Joel Ruiz, the video tells the story of a college boy who goes out of his way to express his admiration for his crush.

“Things take a turn when the girl meets and gets into a relationship with the school jock, dashing the hopes of the college boy. Decades later, a homecoming event in their alma mater sees the same boy and girl – now in their elderly years –finding themselves in that poignantly sweet familiar scene,” read the official synopsis of the ad.

Unlike in Vow, Crush has a happy ending.

The second video – captioned “To those who never gave up on love” – had over six million views on Facebook yesterday.

The third video, titled “Date” and directed by Pepe Diokno, was released last night.

It features a father who asks his son to arrange a surprise Valentine dinner for his mother.

“Following his father’s routine, the young boy manages to give his mom one of the most memorable dates ever, complete with her Jollibee favorites,” read the synopsis.

“The mom was overwhelmed as she finds out that the Valentine’s date was actually her late husband’s wish as proof of his everlasting love for her,” it added.

Adeva said the stories were not related to each other and were all inspired by true stories.


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Date: February 15, 2017