Reasons for Joining PFA :

1. Prestige in being in the league of the finest franchise brands in the country

2. Peer networking and building of fruitful business relations

3. Platform to promote brand and recruit potential franchisees

4. Access to suppliers and business enablers like financial institutions, technology providers and others;

5. Preferential rates at Asias biggest franchise event - Franchise Asia Philippines

6. Discounted rates in international franchise shows where PFA has bilateral agreements;

7. Complimentary passes to two capacity-building seminars every year;

8. Continuing education and capacity-building opportunities;

9. Discounts in activities of other groups where PFA is a member;

10. International and domestic business-matching opportunities;

11. Representation in issues relevant to the sector

12. Access to PFAs library

13. Business credibility through the Fair Franchising Standards (FFS);

14. Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Who can apply for PFA membership?

What is business format franchising?

What is the process when applying for PFA membership?

Types of Membership

Regular Member

Probationary Member

Charter Member

All members who are signatories to the original Articles of Incorporation dated 12 April 1995 and whose names are listed under Article VII thereof, individuals who attended or companies who were represented at the first pre-incorporation meeting of the Association on 7 February 1995 who have provided written confirmation of their agreement to be charter members and paid the admission fee of Php10,500.00.

Affiliate Member

Any institutions of higher learning including but not limited to organizations having an interest in contributing to the development of the franchise sector.

Honorary Member

The Board of Trustees may, by unanimous vote, confer honorary membership or office in the Association on any deserving individual.

Supplementary Member

An associate or subsidiary company of a Regular or Allied member nominated as such by Regular and Affiliate members, subject to the terms and conditions as laid down by the Board of Trustees at the time of application for supplementary membership.

Allied Member

Any entity or corporation engaged in the business of supplying services, equipment, supplies and/or materials to the franchise industry, or individuals, organizations or institutions who are engaged in any endeavor or field of activity related to franchising, whose applications for allied membership have been approved by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Membership Committee.

Procedures & Guidelines

Step 1. There are 2 ways to apply:

Directly to PFA
By invitation of various sources.

An applicant for accreditation must have been in the business of franchising for a minimum of three (3) years, either as an operator or a franchisor, shall have at least three (3) company-owned outlets, and with at least three (3) franchise outlets in existence at the time of its application.

Step 2. Submit the following documents together with your application form:

Step 3. PFA Secretariat validates and checks the accuracy of the documents.

Step 4. The PFA committee will evaluate all the documents and give recommendations based on PFA's Fair Franchising Standards whether deferred (needs further research about the company), not qualified or qualified. If qualified, the Membership Committee schedules interviews with the Officers of the Applicant/Business Organization.

Step 5. Companies who have passed the interview will be presented to the Board of Trustees during PFA Board Meetings.

Step 6. PFA VP Membership reports and submits the applicants for membership to the Body for deliberation. If requested, the PFA Board may conduct another interview prior to decision. If accepted, applicants are classified accordingly, either regular or probationary, as per the FFS.

Step 7. Accepted applicants are notified through letters of their membership in the PFA, to be followed by the Statement of Account for the processing fees.


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