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Binalot’s DAHON program expands

Published online by the Business Inquirer, 
December 29, 2019

The fruitful relationship between Binalot and Barangay Buhanginan in Nagcarlan, Laguna, started after the devastation of Luzon by Typhoon “Milenyo” in 2006. Harsh winds and heavy rains damaged most of the banana leaves which were being supplied to the fast-food chain.

“Banana leaves are very fragile and most of the trees and leaves were ripped by the strong typhoon. We were then forced to import our leaves from Iloilo but the costs were not sustainable. That was the time we decided to go straight to the source,” recounts Rommel Juan, CEO of Binalot Fiesta Food, Inc.

And so the search for the source started, leading Juan to the quaint town of Nagcarlan nestled at the foothills of the mystic Mount Banahaw in Laguna.

“Vendors in the market told me to go to Nagcarlan. I found myself visiting the markets and talipapa in that town, asking where the leaves come from. Locals pointed me to the dahunan in Barangay Buhanginan,” Juan says.

There, he met resident Rodney Oriel who then agreed to supply banana leaves for Binalot. What started as an initial order of 3,000 cut pieces of banana leaves evolved into a community livelihood program participated in by 30 families under Binalot’s CSR program dubbed Dahon (Dangal at Hanapbuhay para sa Nayon)—an ode to Binalot’s iconic banana-leaf packaging.

Banana is one of the most important fruit crops of the Philippines, with the country producing 9.36 million metric tons of bananas on 448,000 hectares of land. However, except for the export Cavendish variety, banana is grown largely in small farming communities in backyards such as in Nagcarlan, traded in markets by local entrepreneurs, and consumed locally.

Running for 13 years now, the Dahon program has provided impoverished banana farmers with an added opportunity to profit from the banana trees growing in their backyards while ensuring Binalot a steady and reliable source of banana leaves for all its stores across Metro Manila. ‍

Binalot, after all, is famous for its classic Filipino meals wrapped in a banana leaf—stamping the traditional Filipino brand in a modern fast-food setting. ‍‍‍

‍Dahon has received several citations including the Centennial Prize in the 2007 UPS Out-of-the-Box Small Business Contest and the Intel-AIM Corporate Social Responsibility Award (IACRA) at the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility in 2010.

Running for 13 years now, the Dahon programhas provided impoverished banana farmers with an added opportunity to profit from the banana trees growing in their backyards while ensuring Binalot a steady and reliable source of banana leaves for all its stores across Metro Manila.

Oriel acknowledges DAHON for changing the lives of many families in the community. “Income was very difficult before as the supply of bananas from the wild trees was not steady year-round and work on the farm was not a regular arrangement.

Back then, we were lucky if we were able to eat twice a day. Today, we have more than enough to eat full meals and even merienda. I have been able to send my kids to school, two of them are in college now while the youngest is still in high school. We’re fortunate Binalot came knocking on our doors,” says Oriel.

But Binalot did not stop at the leaves. ‍

Recently, it has partnered with a program called “Embrace” to introduce salted egg production to Barangay Buhanginan and expand the economic benefits of the program to the farmers.

“We’ve thought of harvesting other vegetables and crops but we always hit a roadblock when it comes to finding a market for these products,” shares Irene Lucas, Binalot’s COO.

“Assessing our needs, we figured ‘Why not salted eggs?’ Looking at the volume of our consumption as each Binalot meal comes with one salted egg, we felt we found the perfect match for our banana leaves.”

‍In line with Embrace’s efforts to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, Dahon acquired 10 salted egg starter kits and consulted the Department of Science and Technology on the production process for the Eggciting Harvest Project. The starter kits, which were recently awarded to the matriarchs in Barangay Buhanginan, would enable the community to supply Binalot with 1,000 trays of fresh and high-quality salted eggs for its stores every month while receiving additional income from the livelihood program in the comfort of their community.

“The success of Binalot’s CSR program lies in its sustainability, and the way it’s sustainable is because we are the community’s direct market. Banana leaves are our primary packaging and we have salted egg with every Binalot meal. As long as there’s Binalot, it’ll be a continuous partnership and that’s our commitment to the community of Barangay Buhanginan,” says Juan.

This article was originally posted by Business Inquirer which can be accessed at https://business.inquirer.net/286275/binalots-dahon-program-expands

Stalder leads PHL firms to Bangkok Halal fair

Published online by the Manila Bulletin, 
December 24, 2019

Stalder Laboratories Inc. headed the country’s corporate delegation to the Thailand Halal Assembly from December 20-22 to promote halal-certified Philippine products in the huge Thai market. Stalder Group of Companies president and CEO Dina Dela Paz-Stalder and DS by Dermaline Inc. AVP- Operations Diana Stalder exhibited the company’s wide range of beauty and personal care products at the three-day Thailand Halal Assembly held at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. The public-private Philippine delegation was led by Commercial Attachè Enrico Mariano from the Philippine Trade and Investments Center – Bangkok and Raison Arobinto of the Export Marketing Bureau, both from the Department of Trade and Industry. Photo shows (from left) Maria Kristina Stalder, Dina Dela Paz- Stalder, Trade and Industry development analyst Arselyn Palad, Enrico Mariano, Raison Arobinto, Diana Stalder and Paul Theodore Stalder. PTIC-Bangkok is part of the Philippine Foreign Trade Service Corps of the DTI Office of the Secretary with areas of coverage including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The Stalder Group of Companies includes the Diana Stalder by Dermaline, BCP Dermatological Corporation, and Stalder Laboratories Inc.

This article was originally posted by Manila Bulletin which can be accessed at https://technology.mb.com.ph/2019/12/24/stalder-leads-phl-firms-to-bangkok-halal-fair/

FamilyMart opens flagship store

Published online by the Malaya Business Insight, 
by Antonio Delos Reyes | November 27, 2019

THE convenience store industry has become a vibrant sector with more players coming into the market. The dominance of 7-11 in the past has been challenged by companies, both local and international, with other brands offering something different to attract more customers.

Japanese convenience store brand FamilyMart might be a relatively young company in the Philippines but internationally, it is the 2nd largest convenience store retail chain in the world since it was established in 1973. The company recently opened its flagship store in BGC which offers a new level in comfort and convenience to its customers.

The flagship store eschews the usual operations of a convenience store where customers stay only for a short while, buying only what they wanted to get. Instead, the FamilyMart Udenna Tower store beckons customers to slow down and spend some time inside the store.

FamilyMart branch offers a co-working space that’s conducive to studying, reading, and productivity – all while enjoying any of the goodies in the store. For a minimum purchase of only P250, customers enjoy free Wi-Fi and a cozy corner in the exclusive co-working area, which looks out to the zen garden.

Thoughtfully located next to the co-working space, the zen garden provides busy bees a calming view for when taking a break from their screens. The landscape, reminiscent of scenes from a Japanese manga, is just what anyone needs for a breather.

Further setting itself apart from other FamilyMart stores, this one has two function rooms called Osaka and Tokyo, accommodating 8 and 12 persons, respectively. Each is equipped with audio-video facilities, making such spaces ideal for meetings and brainstorming sessions. Of course, guests can fuel their brains and stomachs courtesy of the food and coffee offerings the store has to offer.

As a nod to its Japanese heritage, the FamilyMart flagship also offers fresh ramen made in-store. Guests can enjoy a bowl of Tonkotsu, Tantanmen, and Miso varieties for only P165which even comes with a complementing drink.

The store also offers onigiri, the Japanese snack staple of rice triangles. Complete with the signature three-step unwrapping process, Salmon, Tuna Mayo, Tori Mix, Spam, or Tinapa is wrapped in a hefty layer of Japanese rice and blanketed with fresh nori for a delectable, filling snack or complete meal. Meanwhile, unlike other FamilyMart stores where donburi meals come in Filipino food-inspired variations, this one offers the Japanese rice bowl with more faithfulness to its origins. Pork Yakiniku, Gyudon, and Katsudon are laid on top of a hefty serving of Japanese rice. Meanwhile, the chiller holds other Japanese favorites, including Maki, and an array of bento meals featuring Pork Tonkatsu, Yakiniku, and Tempura.

Liquor drinkers are in for a treat with this store’s walk-in chiller stocked with a variety of local and imported beers and other liquors. What’s even better is, these drinks can be enjoyed from 7pm onwards in the dining area or in one of the function rooms. A six-pack, consumed with some of the signature food items would be the perfect way to end any work day.


This article is originally published and written by the Malaya Business Insight which can be accessed online at https://malaya.com.ph/index/index.php/news_living/familymart-opens-flagship-store/

PFA Participates in CIIE 2019

During the six-day 2nd edition of China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2019 in Shanghai, Republic of China, at least hundreds of globally recognized brands, business association and government departments were present.

As part of efforts to promote Philippine franchise brands to foreign partners, the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is joining the 2nd edition of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, China. The six-day expo is participated in by about 100 countries and is expected to attract about 150,000 trade visitors and buyers.

The PFA delegation to the 2nd China International Import Expo with DTI USec Abdulgani Macatoman (5th from left) and other DTI officials namely Asst Director Agnes Legaspi of DTI-EMB (2nd from left); Senior Trade Representative Glenn Penaranda of PTIC-Beijing (3rd from left) and Vice Consul Mario Tani of PTIC-Shanghai.

The top-level PFA delegation is composed of PFA Chairman Emeritus Samie Lim; PFA Chairman Alan Escalona, PFA President Richard Sanz and PFA Director for Special Projects and ASEAN Chris Lim. Aside from promoting Philippine franchise brands going international, PFA is also promoting Franchise Asia Philippines 2020 to possible exhibitors. To date, a good number of companies have already expressed interest to participate in Asia’s biggest franchise show.

CIIE is a “major initiative of the Chinese government to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and open the Chinese market to the world,” according to the official website of the organization.

PFA Promotes Philippine Franchises and FAPHL 2020 in Singapore

The Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) participated in the recently held Franchising and Licensing Asia (FLAsia) 2019 in Singapore to help promote Philippine franchises to international partners and Franchise Asia Philippines 2020 to international exhibitors.

During said participation, PFA was able to get leads from several countries including US, UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and others.

FLAsia is an annual franchise show organized by the Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA) of Singapore.

Lifelong Achievement Award for PFA Founding President

The World Franchise Council (WFC) conferred Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) Chairman Emeritus Dr. Samie Lim with a Lifelong Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions in the global franchise industry during the International Franchise Exhibition (IFE) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Dr. Lim is the Father of Philippine Franchising and is considered one of the key voices of the global franchising community. He is also a strong proponent of the internationalization of Philippine franchise brands.

PFA Chairman Emeritus Samie Lim is sharing insights on the current issues affecting the Philippine franchising sector

The awarding was held recently at St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort. Presenting the award were Dr. Hatem ZAKI, Head of WFC General Secretariat & Executive Board Member of the Egyptian Franchise Develop. Assoc. (EFDA), His Excellency Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Ministry for Economy of Foreign Trade (UAE) and His Excellency Mohamed Helal Almheiri, Chairman of Emirates Association for Franchise Development & Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

WFC is a global association with more than 40 members. It shares a goal with PFA – to promote the growth of franchising globally through the sharing of best practices among its members.

Meanwhile, the 7th edition of IFE was an opportunity for franchise brands across the globe to promote their products and services in the Middle East. The exhibition featured various business opportunities including tourism, hospitality, trade, health, education, retail, food and beverage.

Entrepreneurship via franchising pushed

The Freeman / 19 Jun 2018 / Carlo S. Lorenciana, Staff Member

Aspiring Cebuano entrepreneurs are encouraged to become businessmen through franchising.

Starting yesterday until tomorrow, the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is staging the Franchise Negosyo Para sa Cebu 2018 to promote entrepreneurship through franchising.

In a press conference yesterday, PFA president Richard Sanz said the roadshow is part of the group’s push to promote entrepreneurship through franchising in order to help create businesses and generate jobs in the regions.

“We are confident that just as in our past franchise exhibits in Cebu, we will be open opportunities for fellow Filipinos to realize their dream of becoming their own boss,” Sanz said.

Incidentally, PFA is set to hold Asia’s biggest franchise show, Franchise Asia Philippines 2018 this July with the theme “Be the Boss.”

“The main strength of franchising is that it has turned many individuals into entrepreneurs, even those not considered entrepreneurial. They can be retirees, former employees, fresh graduates, professionals, OFWs, housewives and many more. But through franchising, they have become their own bosses and have been able to open job opportunities in their respective communities. Franchising is the best way to be your own boss and we are bringing this across the country,” Sanz explained.

Franchise Negosyo Para sa Cebu 2018 activities include the “How to Franchise Your Business” and “How to Invest in the Right Franchise” seminars and a franchise exhibit.

Yesterday at Golden Prince Hotel and Suites, the “How to Franchise Your Business” seminar was designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business through franchising.

“We, in PFA, always say that the advantage of growing business through franchising is that you can grow your business using other people’s capital, time and network,” said Kenneth Lim, PFA director for Cebu. “This way, you are able to grow your business faster and in more locations.”

The franchise exhibit will be held at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu City on June 19 to 20. During the exhibit, seminars on How to Invest in the Right Franchise will also be featured to educate the public on wise franchise investment.

PFA has been conducting the said seminar as it seeks to promote franchising as a tool to create businesses and jobs.

“Through this seminar, we have been able to encourage many Filipinos to become entrepreneurs through franchising. With franchising, you can open a business that has a higher chance of succeeding because it has a system that is based on the tried-and-tested business process of the franchisor. The trial-anderror phase usually associated with startups is eliminated or minimized,” noted Alan Escalona, PFA chairman and CEO of Fruit Magic.

Franchise Negosyo Para sa Cebu is showcasing a wide array of exhibitors from the food, retail, and service sectors. “We are inviting would be franchisees – from OFWs, existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, fresh graduates, to housewives – who want to start a business or diversify their investment through franchising to join us,” said Sanz.

The franchising event is part of the Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2018 celebration organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

*This article is copied from the newspaper published by The Freeman on June 19, 2018, page 21.

Franchising is ‘first step to business’


THE country’s franchising industry is aiming to grow between 10 and 15 percent this year, given a growing economy .

“Franchising remains robust. It is good when the economy is up but it is even better if the economy is not doing well because there would be a lot of entrepreneurs and employees who will venture into business,” said Richard Sanz, president of the Philippine Franchise Association.

“Franchising is the first step to entrepreneurship,” he added.

Sanz and other officials of the PFA were in Cebu yesterday to conduct a seminar on how to franchise a business.

Today, PFA Cebu is opening its two-day Franchise Negosyo Para Sa Cebu expo in the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, which showcases exhibitors from food, retail, and service sectors.

Franchising contributed five percent to the country’s gross domestic product in 2015.

Sanz said they expect the sector’s GDP contribution to increase, on the back of accelerated economic development in the country, which will result in the rise in demand for products and services.

Sanz pointed out that Cebu is in the best position to expand its franchising base with the opening of the Terminal 2 of the Mactan Cebu International Airport in July.

“With the influx of travelers, Cebu would need to have more restaurants and other support services and products. And this is where franchising comes in,” he said.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Puyat earlier said that Cebu will play a critical role in attaining the national targets of 12 million inbound visitors and 89.2 million domestic travelers in 2022.

These tourism figures, according to Sanz, will be the ready market for the country’s franchising sector.

Christoper Lim, director for special projects at PFA, also announced that the organization is mounting this July the Franchise Asia Philippines 2018 with the theme “Be the Boss.” The show will present over 700 business opportunities to explore, with over 35 percent being first-time, emerging franchise concepts.

Lim said they expect 60,000 visitors this year as the show also carries international brands from Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Europe on top of the national and regional brands of the country.

Using the expo as a vehicle to expand the industry, Lim said they want homegrown brands to venture outside their turf and explore the international market.

“Cebu brands are doing quite well, with some already making big waves in Asia and the Middle East. But we are aiming to inspire more,” said Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Ma. Alegria “Bing” Sibal-Limjoco, who is also the vice chairperson of the PFA.

Limjoco is referring to Cebuano brands Penshoppe and Bo’s Coffee, which now have branches in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, respectively.

“Cebu is a difficult market. Consumers are a lot more demanding in terms of quality and price. But over the past years, it has become competitive,” said Lim.

“Penshoppe, for one, is a big success story in terms of brands going international.”

PFA has over 270 members, of which 52 percent are in food, 27 percent are in services and 21 percent in retail.

Eighty-two percent are local brands while 18 percent are international master franchises.


Note: This article was re-posted from SunStar Cebu’s website available at: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1748684/Cebu/Business/Franchising-is-first-step-to-business

‘Be the Boss’ at Franchise Asia Philippines 2018

(The Philippine Star) – June 18, 2018 – 12:00am


MANILA, Philippines — Preparations are now in full swing for this year’s staging of Franchise Asia Philippines (FAPhl), the country’s biggest platform for the creation of a new breed of entrepreneurs.

This year’s theme—“Be the Boss” – reflects the contribution of the annual four-in-one franchise event to the efforts of the government and the private sector to generate more jobs and speed up inclusive economic growth through entrepreneurship, said Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) president Richard Sanz.

Thousands of entrepreneurs and future business owners are again expected to converge at the biggest franchise show in Asia from July 18 to 22 at the SMX Convention Manila.

Organized annually by the FPA with the support of concerned government agencies and private-sector partners, FAPhl has put the Philippines in the global map of franchising, as it has grown to be the biggest four-in-one franchise event show in Asia today.

“We have been holding this event for more than two decades and FAPhl has proven itself to be a successful platform in realizing PFA’s mission to promote franchising as a tool to create businesses and generate jobs,” Sanz added.

Sanz also said that franchising has helped entrepreneurs grow their business from one to many in various locations noting that it has also been an effective tool in raising the global competitiveness of Philippine businesses even helping  SMEs expand overseas.

This year’s overall chair, Sam Christopher Lim, PFA director for ASEAN/Special Projects, cited various reasons for visiting this year’s show.  The three-day expo provides the forum to meet face-to-face with almost a thousand brands ranging from micro to large both homegrown and international, Lim noted.  While delegates at the two-day international conference get the chance to learn from the best minds on the latest trends and opportunities affecting the growth of their businesses, he added.

Now on its  26th edition,  FAPhl2018 will feature  a two-day international conference that will present global best practices and business solutions by renowned experts on July 18-19; a three-day one-stop international expo of franchise and other investment opportunities from home-grown and foreign concepts on July 20-22; Educational seminars to help aspiring franchisees invest on the right franchise and potential franchisors transform their businesses into successful franchises on July 20-22; and, a two-day Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) Program to help professionalize the Philippine franchise sector and help sustain efforts in raising the global competitiveness of Philippine franchising on July 16-17 at the AIM Conference Center-Manila.

The conference will gather over 50 experts and thought leaders, who will share to over 1,000 conference delegates the latest updates and trends in franchising. The expo, meanwhile, has grown bigger with about 700 booths now occupying two floors  of the  SMX Convention Center.


*This article is copied from the article published by the Philippine Star on June 18, 2018 and is also available online at https://www.philstar.com/business/2018/06/18/1825452/be-boss-franchise-asia-philippines-2018#GxAsZ5YMDtvYAKIT.99

PFA Promotes PHL Franchise Brands in Myanmar

The Philippine Franchise Association is intensifying efforts to bring Philippine franchise brands to international markets as well as promote Franchise Asia Philippines 2018 to prospective international exhibitors and visitors. It recently participated in the Myanmar International Franchise Expo and Conference 2018 held recently at the Tatmadaw Hall in Yangon City, Myanmar. Photo shows PFA chairman emeritus Samie Lim (3rd from left) joining other VIP guests and the organizers of the said event (from left) Mohd Zahiruddin Nordin, trade commissioner, MATRADE Myanmar; Troy Franklin, COO, World Franchise Associates; KC Leong, general manager of ALT Exhibitions; Daw Naw Mutakapaw, deputy director general of the Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization; Michelle Ha, director, ALT Exhibition; and U Naing Lin, vice president, Myanmar Retailers Association.