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Why Join PFA?

  • As the voice of Philippine franchising, it articulates and provides  credible representation in issues relevant to the sector

  • Provides national and international expansion opportunities  A platform to promote brand and recruit potential franchisees

  • Adheres to the Fair Franchising Standards (FFS), which make PFA  members the most trusted franchises in the country

  • Access to suppliers and business enablers

  • Preferential rates in all PFA activities including Franchise Asia  Philippines

  • Continuing education and professional enhancement opportunities  like the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) Program

PFA Members' Benefits

Why Join PFA

Do you have what it takes to  be a PFA member?

  • Brand must be registered in the IPOPHL

  • Must have a successful franchising business

  • Must have an operations manual and a franchisee support  program

  • Must have a franchise offering circular (FOC) or franchise  disclosure document (FDD), which outlines all the items that  must be shared with potential franchisees

  • Must have a franchise agreement that is not one-sided and binds  both parties of their responsibilities

How to be a Member?


Applicants must  accomplish the PFA  membership application form


Fill out the membership application form and email to or UPLOAD using the button below


The required  documents may be  emailed to the  membership officer of  the PFA Secretariat or  delivered to the PFA  office


All applications for PFA membership will be reviewed by the membership committee which shall make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors Trustees which will then decide on the application for membership.