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Get up to 50% OFF by buying bulk training credits valid for any session

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Resource Speakers:

Ms. Lin Deres, CFE, Franchise Relationship Consultant

Ms. Cherry Kho, Founder BlueThumb Brand Experience Design

Key Seminar Topics:

  • Definition of a Franchise Expo

  • Unveils the secrets to an unforgettable expo booth.

  • Importance of attending an expo and understanding the challenges

  • Preparing for the Expo

  • Bootmanship

  • Franchise Sales

  • Post Expo


Learning Objectives:

  • Explore innovative ways to engage and captivate expo attendees through interactive experiences

  • Implement targeted marketing and promotional tactics to generate buzz and attract visitors within the limited timeframe

  • Empower your booth staff with essential skills and knowledge to create exceptional customer experiences in a short timeframe

  • Learn how to develop a pre-expo preparation activity checklist

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Get up to 50% OFF by buying bulk training credits valid for any session.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

interaction in class

​1. What is a Training Credit?

  • Each training credit entitles the holder to join one (1) training course.

  • The availment of a higher credit package entitles the holder to a higher discount or lower price per training course.

2. Where can you use Training Credit?

  • The training credits purchased can only be used to attend the PFA training courses 

  • You have the privilege to register to any training course/s you wanted to attend.   

3. Validity of Training Credit 

  • Valid for one year from date of purchase.

4. Are the Training Credits transferable? 

  • Yes, the credits could be used by your employees, franchisees, suppliers or anyone as long as it is registered by your company. 

5. For higher credits, should we pay the full amount that corresponds to the selected training credits ?

  • Yes, we encourage full payment of the amount of your selected training credits.

  • Once your payment has been verified, PFA will email a confirmation message to the company and will issue an official receipt.

6. Who monitors the usage of training credits?

  • The PFA Secretariat in charge of training will be the focal person in monitoring the attendance of your company and the usage of your training credits

7. Do you issue a Certificate of Attendance?

  • Yes, we will issue an e-certificate of attendance. 

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For inquiries contact PFA Secretariat at or call 0916-5659378

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