The Franchisee Summit 2022

“Business in the Hybrid World: Strategiesž. Sustainability. žStability”
How important it is to maximize the opportunities of both brick and mortar premises and strong digital channels to expand its market and meet today’s consumer ever-changing demands. hzfhzfdhfhhfhdrhzdfhfh

Learn from our most respected speakers in the country!

Get first-hand information from Mr. Francis Kong as he will share insights on “Powering Up for the New Age of Possibility”:  A preparation to get businesses with the right mindset to grow and succeed in the new post-Covid economy. 


Engage with our 3 distinguished panelists, Mr. Francis Ordoveza, Ms. Mary Ann Guallar and Mr. Vicente Gregorio as they share best practices and thought leadership ideas on Digital Marketing, Financial Management and Relationship Building.

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Franchise Companies, Franchisees and Employees.  Register your team and your franchisees and equip them towards greater success!


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Keynote Speaker



President, Success Options, Inc.

"Powering Up for the New Age of Possibility"


STRATEGIES: Future-Fit Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

  • Strengthening your brand in your local community in a hybrid world.

  • Attracting and engaging customer through social media and its powerful content

SUSTAINABILITY: Financial Management

  • Tools and efforts in ensuring the sustainability of the franchise business

  • Effective approaches in improving sales and maximizing store profitability in operating your franchise business in a hybrid world

STABILITY: Relationship Building

  • Creating demands: Latest Innovation in the off-premises and brick & mortar

  • Strengthening Customer Loyalty and Brand Affinity in a hybrid world.


Franchise Relations Consultant, Goldilocks

VP for Operations, Doktors Generics Pharmacy
Multi-Unit Franchisee, The Generics Pharmacy


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